Hell in a Cell 2019: Who’s Going Down?

September 25, 2019

On October 6th, the gates of hell will open up underneath the Golden 1 Center in Sacramento, California.

So far two matches are confirmed: the WWE Universal Championship and the WWE Raw Women’s Championship.

The Fiend will inflict his pain on Seth Rollins and Sasha Banks will get a chance at a little revenge against Becky Lynch after a disqualification cost her shot at the belt on Monday Night Raw. The latest odds at trusted sites like Bovada sportsbook show Bray Wyatt & The Fiend as heavy favorites over the current Champion, and Sasha Banks moderately favored over Becky Lynch.

But who else is going to get locked in the hellacious cell?

This is just an educated guess… with a little hearsay, but it only makes sense that we see Roman Reigns team up with Daniel Bryan against Erick Rowan and Luke Harper. After Clash of the Champions, the Rowan-Harper duo put the smackdown on Reigns and Bryan on SmackDown.

Basically, when it comes to theRowens vs. Reigns debacle, it’s 4-0 in favor of Erick Rowans. He ran Roman Reigns down in a car, damn near squashed him flat with some stage rigging, then smashed him in the ring in SmackDown, with an assist from the long-absent Luke Harper. Then Daniel Bryan and Reigns united to take on the new terrible two only to be smashed again on Clash of Champions. You can call it 2-0 with Rowen vs. Bryan as he was duped into thinking Erick Rowen was his partner and then, beat on SmackDown.

So, the only question really is, will they drop the demonic cage around this match?

As far as the matches we know …

The Fiend vs. Seth Rollins

The Fiend/ Bray Wyatt is a massive favorite over the newly crowned Universal Champion. How massive, you might ask? Well, he’s listed at -500 which implies an 83.3 percent probability that the Universal Belt will change hands after Hell in a Cell.

The Fiend attacked Rollins after he won the title from Braun Stroman, Sister Abigail on him and mandible clawing… Since then we’ve known that these two would be meeting and Hell in a Cell is the perfect venue for The Fiend.

When we look at the promotional posters featuring Bray and The Fiend, we can see that the WWE is committed to this character path so we should expect a win in Hell in a Cell for Wyatt… That said, they may try to throw us for a loop with Rollins losing physically, but retaining his Universal Title on a technicality.

The Boss is a -300 favorite to beat Becky Lynch at Hell in a Cell and become the new RAW Women’s Champion. After the drama over the last few weeks, it seems likely. Especially, after the Monday Night Raw shenanigans, we saw once the referee was out of the match. Lynch and Banks did battle all over the arena and it got real personal, at one point Lynch threw food concessions condiments on Banks and we all saw how badly Lynch wrecked Sasha’s arm.

Will Sasha’s arm be up to the task after taking a chair-beating like that? We know that the revenge factor will be there, but this is a tricky one. I believe that the Boss-Lady will take the belt from Becky Lynch, but at the same time, I wouldn’t be surprised if Becky hangs on to it for a little while longer.

Article source: http://www.bodyslam.net

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