24/7 Mask Mandate Issued For All WWE SuperStars

August 16, 2021

The spike in recent spike covid is making companies take a step back and rethink mandates and are even putting some shows in jeopardy. We previously reported that ROH recently had to reschedule and relocate their Death Before Dishonor show. While WWE hasn’t had to cancel any shows as of yet, they are doing everything possible to not have to do so, as Bodyslam.net’s own Cassidy Haynes reported WWE was worried that they may have to cancel Summerslam all around.

We previously reported that the Summerslam location has a mask mandate in place, Well it looks like WWE is following suit.

Ringside News is reporting that they are being told by a tenured member of the backstage team that staff is under a “24/7” mask mandate except while eating or drinking.

The company has experienced a few of their stars contracting the covid virus as of recently namely Jeff Hardy. Also this weekend Saha Banks and Bianca Belair were pulled from a couple of house shows and it is believed they may not be having their scheduled match at SummerSlam. While WWE is keeping tight-lipped on reasons for the sudden decision, many fans are speculating it could be covid related.

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