A Dose Of Colemanism: The Unlikely Possibilities

August 19, 2021


By Caprice Coleman

New ROH World Champion Bandido shocked everyone by defeating RUSH. It was a moment many wanted but didn’t expect to happen. Bandido went in as the underdog, and at times seemed helpless in his first World Title opportunity against an extremely dominant champion.

His victory was possible, but unlikely.

I feel like encouraging someone today. There’s something you see potential in but success seems unlikely. It could be starting a business, writing a book, going back to school, or making a fresh start in life. We are living in a time when the unlikely is possible!

I was listening to the news, and one study reported that 80% of businesses that started during the pandemic are still running. That’s an unlikely possibility!

I know the course in front of you may seem hard, undefeated, and impossible to conquer, but you’re living in unlikely times! There’s a champion inside of you that only needs an opportunity to show the world who you are!

There’s a dream you want to pursue but seems unlikely to pay off; a chance you need to take, but fear stares you in your eyes when you fathom the thought; something that life circumstances always seem to delay you starting. LISTEN: Life circumstances will always be, opportunities won’t.

Tell yourself that it’s unlikely but it’s my time! I believe in you, but you must believe in yourself! Don’t worry about the others before you. They aren’t showing you your future. 

They’re proving to you that this victory isn’t for the likely, most qualified or next in line. It’s for the unlikely, unqualified, overlooked, and underappreciated. It’s out of reach and unlikely and it’s yours!

Just something to think about. I call it a dose of Colemanism.

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Caprice Coleman is ROH’s color analyst and has been wrestling for more than 20 years. He also is an ordained minister and motivational speaker. A Dose of Colemanism appears every Thursday.


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