Allie Kat Decides To Not Take Sabbatical After All

June 27, 2019
The life of a pro wrestler is tumultuous. One moment you are working harder than ever and everything seems to headed on the right track. The next moment could feel like everything you are working for is derailed.

Last week, Allie Kat had tweeted out that she was going to leave wrestling for a while after her bookings were done. Mainly due to mental stress and changes in her life that were beyond her control. We can now happily report that Allie Kat has rescinded her stance and has decided to continue on the path she has been on.

It takes a lot for a person to admit their mistakes and move forward. It takes even more for a person to be so public about it. Here’s hoping that Allie Kat will have a career in pro wrestling as long as she wants, and one that she deems successful.

We here at Bodyslam are glad that she has decided to stay, and look forward to see her work in the future.

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