Anthony Ogogo Signed with AEW Because He Believed in Tony Khan’s Vision

May 30, 2021

Anthony Ogogo was recently interviewed by The Wrestling Inc Daily Podcast, Cody Rhodes and Ogogo will face off on Sunday night at Double Or Nothing. Anthony Ogogo also mentioned he turned down an offer from WWE because he believed in Tony Khan’s vision.

Ogogo commented on his endorsement deals he gained in boxing:

“I was the first boxer in the world to ever be signed to a long-term deal with Nike. That’s how notorious I was in the UK, in the world. I was signed to Subway for five years. I had some proper top, top brands sponsoring me, and because of that, I have to be the corporate guy. I couldn’t go on Twitter and call this person a c**t because I was representing them as well as myself. And then I did that. And what did I get out of my boxing career? I’m blind in my left eye.”

Ogogo also commented on why he left boxing for wrestling:

“I didn’t achieve the things I wanted to achieve, and I left thinking, I should have been me. I was me. I’m nice in many aspects. I’m respectful and polite, and if you respect me, I respect you. If I think you’re an ahole, then I will treat you like you’re an ahole. I’m just going to be unapologetically me. I’m getting a bonus career, I didn’t think I was ever going to be a wrestler. I thought I was going to be a boxer. This is bonus for me. I’m going to be me.”

Anthony Ogogo also discussed why he didn’t sign with WWE:

“That’s why I didn’t go to WWE. They offered me more money than AEW. I didn’t join them because I believe in Tony Khan’s vision. I believed in Cody Rhodes’ vision. I believe in AEW’s vision. I love being a part of AEW. I love how the team give a f**k about their wrestlers. If I’m going through a tough time in a minute, I’m getting texts from the management asking me if I’m okay daily. They care about the people rather than the money. The other place, they seem to care about money first and people if at all. We care about other people first because they know that a happy workplace creates good stuff.”

Credit Wrestling Inc Daily Podcast and H/T to 411Mania for the transcription.

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