Arn Anderson Believes WWE Promos Are Too Micromanaged

March 2, 2022

WWE’s product has definitely changed over recent years. Many would even say that it has become somewhat lackluster or stale. A former WWF/WWE Superstar and Hall Of Famer believes that WWE scripts are hurting talent and take away from their characters.

While speaking to Riju Dasgupta, Arn Anderson revealed that he believes WWE’s scripts and micromanagement are harmful to talent in the long run.

“It’s on the talent in AEW to produce who you are, what you are. Show the world what wrestler X or female wrestler X is. The onus is on you more so. On the other hand, with WWE, it’s a very, very, very micromanaged, hands-on, here is the script, here is what you go by, here is what you say, and I think when you have something that micromanaged, especially on promos, you never get to hear who the real person is. You just get someone that has only studied for a test. And now I am going to recite it to you, and I think that’s harmful to the talent in the long run.” 

As of late WWE has started to loosen the reigns and give talent a little more freedom in their promos, so only time will tell if they will continue this way.

Below is the full interview with Arn Anderson.

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