Bad Luck Fale on the inception of Bullet Club

April 16, 2019

Bad Luck Fale recently sat down with Jeff Martin and Bryan Burga of High Spot Podcast on during last week’s Bullet Club Block Party and discussed what led to the formation of The Bullet Club in New Japan Pro Wrestling.

A rare interview with The Underboss Back Luck Fale

Bad Luck Fale- “Not many people know the actual story, first they put me together with Fergal.. you know Devitt… to just do something with Devitt. But when I made my debut back in Japan and Devitt turned heel the reaction from the people was so crazy that the bosses were like okay let’s do something different. It wasn’t planned you know, so they said okay the showed you so much heat, let’s go with it and a couple of weeks later we got together and it just blew up.”

You can check out our full interview with The Underboss of The Bullet Club, Bad Luck Fale, below on The High Spot Podcast YouTube Channel

Bullet Club Block Party- Redd’s Restaurant in Carlstadt, NJ
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