Bianca Carelli Signs With WWE

February 4, 2022

During his time with WWE, Santino Marella was one of WWE’s most popular acts. Arguably its funniest talent of his era, Marella left long-lasting memories for millions of wrestling. The former Intercontinental Champion’s legacy is only set to grow, as his daughter Bianca has signed a contract with the promotion.

During an interview with Gerald Brisco & JBL, Marella announced that his daughter Bianca Carelli has signed with the company and will be reporting to the WWE Performance center in two weeks.

“My daughter is 26. She’s starting at the [Performance Center] in two weeks. She got hired. She’s a beast. She’s going to be an absolute top tier player. She was identified from a young child. She won her school speeches and was Miss Teen Ontario and is a television personality. She’s tall and strong. In a couple years…I can’t want to go to WrestleMania just as a parent going to watch a kid. I don’t want to do anything. I don’t want to sign (autographs), I don’t want to talk to anybody, I’m just here to watch my kid. I can’t wait for that.”

Carelli participated in a WWE tryout in 2019 but was rejected by the company at the time. It’s not known when she signed a deal with the company and whether or not she recently had another tryout.

H/T Fightful for quotes.

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