Big Damo Announced For Rev Pro UK’s British J Cup Show

October 12, 2021

The former Killian Dain, now back to being Big Damo, has been announced for Rev Pro UK’s British J Cup on November the 6th in Stevenage at the Gordon Craig Theatre. Of Course Big Damo will not be competing in the tournament it self, rather he will be representing the Legion as the hand picked man of Gideon Grey to finally take out Yota Tsuji.

The announcement was made by Rev Pro UK earlier today via social media;

Big Damo recently revealed on twitter that his 90 day no-compete clause had finally come to end and he once again available for bookings as a free agent. Damo’s first appearance since his release from the WWE will be for the Irish based promotion OTT on October the 30th and 31st,, Damo has also been announced for ICW Fear and Loathing on the 21st of November.

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Rev Pro UK’s British J Cup will be available to stream via their on demand service RPW in Demand within a week of the show.

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