Bray Wyatt Appears On Raw

June 25, 2019

Bray Wyatt has undergone a character change over the last few months. From hillbilly swamp cult leader possessed by an entity, to.. well.. something else. At first it looked like he was an evil children’s show host, but over the weeks it morphed and changed.

The Firefly Funhouse was the what the segment was named. Bray would have a new episode every week, which in many cases was the highlight of Monday Night Raw and Tuesday’s Smackdown Live.

He would introduce new characters on the show that would represent past versions of himself. Huskis the Pig was “Husky Harris” the version of Bray that was just a normal wrestler that was an “army tank with a Ferrari engine”. Husky was punted in the head by Randy Orton and never appeared on WWE television again. The punt may have explained why Husky, now known as Bray Wyatt, was a cult leader who would speak to his higher power Sister Abigail. The character on Firefly Funhouse was a puppet named Abby. She embodied Bray’s Cult character. Before becoming a fully demented “God” because of Abigail’s powers, Bray dressed in Hawaiian shirts and was a laid back sociopath. This character was an updated version of early 90’s wrestler Waylon Mercy. Which was represented on Firefly Funhouse by Mercy the Buzzard. After a while Bray wouldn’t win many matches and his promos were incoherent rambles. This was represented by Ramblin’ Rabbit.

Soon we would see versions of Vince McMahon. Bray would tell us, subtly, about how he has gotten in shape, killed off his precious incarnations and has turned into a split personality type character. You’d have the happy-go-lucky Bray Wyatt who would as you to “let him in”. Then we saw the alter ego of the fun loving children’s show host, The Fiend. The Fiend was an unexplained character that oozed evil. A clown type mask that is more unsettling than anything else.

Every week Bray would add layers to his character, while never appearing in the ring or away from his Funhouse. That all changed this week. There was no Firefly Funhouse. If you blinked during Raw, you may have missed his appearance.
As you can see in the background. The Fiend was lurking around at Raw. It’s unknown how long The Fiend will be lurking. But, this is his first non-Funhouse appearance on Raw. So the time is drawing near, for Bray to wrestle again and start a feud.

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