Brett Lauderdale Says That Big Names Have Inquired About Joining GCW

January 18, 2022

The popularity of GameChanger Wrestling is soaring to new heights as the company continues to draw new eyes to the product. Along with its homegrown talent, it has helped that the company has continued to stay in the spotlight with names like Jon Moxle , the currently the GCW Champion, and Matt Cardona making waves in the company. It also helped that the companies biggest star Nick Gage found his way to AEW television as one of MJF’s laborers against Chris Jericho.

The company has grown from a small backyard wrestling company to household name. Furthermore, it looks like with the recent mass releases that WWE and ROH have made led to some big names have contacted the GCW about possible work.

According to GCW’s owner Brett Lauderdale, names “fresh off television” are inquiring about working with GCW.

“Every day, I hear from somebody, multiple people who want to come aboard, A lot of these people are big names, people who are fresh off TV and who were on TV for years, people who were under contract for years. So many of these people are super talented and good people as well. I feel bad because I wish I could work with everybody, but I can’t. There are so many of them and there are times when I can’t even reply to all of them or give them the attention they deserve. A lot of people want to be part of it and be involved. It’s always interesting to see who is next.”

Lauderdale also detailed what he looks for when bringing in new talent.

“There’s definitely a fit. It’s not just, we bring anybody in and it’s going to work. The people I bring in, whether they are people off TV or people who are starting from the ground up, I look for people that are passionate and still love to go. I don’t want to bring people in just totally for name value. If they’re not willing to embrace the GCW style and work hard then I’m less motivated to work with them. It’s not a diss on them, but we’re full speed ahead. You see guys like Ricky Morton and 2 Cold Scorpio, these are legends that have been around for decades, they’ve been wrestling longer than some of us have been alive. They still go hard and that’s what makes them a good fit as opposed to other guys. They want more. More matches, better opponents. They want to go. That’s something I look for. If you want to come in and go and embrace what we do, you might be a good fit,” he said.

GCW is preparing for one of its biggest shows in the history of the company this Sunday at New Yorks’s famous Hammerstein Ballroom. The Wrld On GCW will be live on January 23. No wrestling show has ever sold more tickets for the venue.

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