British Wrestler Candy Floss Gives WWE Career Update

February 9, 2022

Former WWE NXT UK superstar Candy Floss has provided an update on her career situation with the WWE, following a prolonged absence due to on going mental health issue surrounding the passing of her Mother.

Taking to twitter earlier today Candy Floss announced that her WWE contract had expired in December and not renewed following along battle with PTSD and mental health issues.

In the statement Candy Floss (22) real name Amy Samardžija, is thankful for all the support that was provided by WWE whilst under contract with them

Candy Floss had been with WWE and NXT UK since the very beginning being making her first appearance for NXT UK on the 14th episode back in 2018 where she was defeated by Rhea Ripley, however her last appearance for NXT UK was in June 2019.

In November 2020 following WWE NXT UK’s return following lockdown she provided details regarding her absence from WWE programming.

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On one positive note is that Candy Floss does not see this as an end of her dream and despite not competing in a match since 2019 she does plan to return to the ring.

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