British Wrestling Shows Are Selling Out!

May 26, 2021

British Wrestling had rough year in 2020 and that’s putting it lightly. First there was the global pandemic and with it came either complete lockdowns or strict restrictions were put in place regarding public shows. This hurt both wrestlers and promotions who struggled financially with little to no income since being unable to run shows, many resorted to opening Go Fund Me pages to help pay wrestlers who had lost bookings due to the situation.

Then during the first wave of lockdowns came the horror stories from brave women and men during the speaking out movement when they came forward to stand up to the abusers in the wrestling industry. British Wrestling was hit particularly hard during the speaking out movement with some major names in UK wrestling and some of the biggest promotions in the UK being implicated, shining a light on an unregulated industry.

Many had wondered if British Wrestling could bounce back and return, with the term ‘Brit Wres is dead’ becoming a common rhetoric among many British Wrestling fans. I can quite happily tell you that does not seem to be case, it seems to be that Brit Wres is very much alive, if tickets sales are any indication. British Wrestling is scheduled to start returning as early as the end of May with special consideration to limited capacity to allow for social distancing as the UK returns to normal and the vaccine is rolled out, many shows have been selling out and selling out fast.

In fact there are several shows that have sold out already with British Wrestling Revolution’s return show and 4th anniversary show Riot Rumble selling out on the same day tickets were released, other promotions that have managed to sell out shows include PCW, Future Shock Wrestling, Prime Wrestling Entertainment, Reach Wrestling and SWW Wrestling.

British Wrestling Revolution

BWR based in Grimsby announced their return with their 4th Anniversary show Riot Rumble, having previously stripped their champions of the their titles, the BWR Heavyweight Championship will be up for grabs with a 30 man rumble. BWR announced 11 of 30 competitors for the rumble that include; Doug Williams, Will Kroos, Big F’N Joe, Ricky Knight Jr and Rory Coyle, Jack Jester, Robbie X, Man Like Dreiss, Tu Byt, Scotty Rawk and Reese Ryan.

The show will also feature a WarMaiden match, a 5 person no holds barred match between, Gia Adams, Rhio, Taonga, Violet O’hara and Jennie, plus Kid Lykos will face off against former champion Tu Byt, to crown a Cruiserweight champion. Although you can no longer get tickets for the show, BWR have their own on demand service, BWR on Demand where you will be able to watch the show.

Prime Wrestling Entertainment

PWE are brand new British Wrestling promotion based in the North East, running their debut show in Newcastle which has now sold out. The first show will see them crown their inaugural PWE champion with two triple threat qualifying matches with the winners of the matches facing off against each other in the final. Match one sees “The Asset” Joseph Biggs vs Liam Slater vs HT Drake and match 2 features Lion Kid vs Tommy Zayne vs Adam Foster a great blend of upcoming and veteran talent.

The show will also see one of the UK’s hottest new tag teams “Crash Boat” Jake Silver and Jack Bandicoot will face UK veteran Rory Coyle and his young protogee Ryan Ace, British star Chris Ridgeway, Classic Jack and LJ Cleary will all be in action. Allthough the show is now sold out, the show is being recorded exclusively for the Sports Channel Network for a bi-weekly show. Sports Channel Network is available FreeView and Amazon Prime Video in the UK.

Future Shock Wrestling

One of the UK’s longest running promotions which will celebrating their 17th anniversary later in the year based in the North West out of Stockport, Future Shock will be returning with a two show special both of which have sold out. Although no matches have been announced Future Shock have been announcing their roster which will include The Young Guns (Ethan Allen and Luke Jacobs), Callum Corrie, Lana Austin, Chris Ridgeway, Sonner Durson, Lana Austin, Hollie Barlow, Taonga, Big Guns Joe and Oscar Byron. Future Shock Wrestling have their own Video on demand service available on the website

Reach Wrestling

Reach Wrestling based in the most southern regions of the East of England in Plymouth, it is actually Reach’s second scheduled show that has sold out already, which is coincidentally their 3rd anniversary show. There are still tickets for their first show back however they are selling out fast with the front row seats all sold out already.

Reach Wrestling have just announced the first match for the sold out Anniversary show as Nick Riley faces of with Lucky. Reach Wrestling have an incredibly talented roster that includes the likes of Current Reach Heavyweight Champion Charlie Sterling, Eddie Ryan, Jason King, James Grayson, Joel Redman, Iyeston Resse, Millie McKenzie, LA Taylor, Aurora, Echo Reed and many more. Reach Wrestling also offer a Video on Demand service on their website

SWW Wrestling

Another promotion based in south west of England SWW Wrestling based in Gloucestershire, much like Reach Wrestling it is not the their first show back that has sold out yet but rather it’s their 3rd scheduled show. SWW Wrestling have several tournaments to crown brand new champions, including a Heavyweight Championship Classic, Openweight Championship Classic, Tag Team Championship Classic, Brit Pro Cup Classic and the Women’s division Warriors classic tournament.

SWW Wrestling have plenty of top tier British wrestlers across their multiple tournaments including Simon Miller, Charlie Sterling, Danny Duggun, Dean Allmark, Elijah, Justin Sysum, LA Taylor, Chantal Jordan Lucia Lee, Lizzy Evo and many more.

There is no need to panic if you are wanting to see some live wrestling in the UK, as there are still plenty of other shows popping up all time but you better act fast before they sell out. There are also several promotions who’s shows are close to or selling out fast these include Fight Nation Wrestling, Main Event Wrestling, PCW, Superstar Pro and Catch Pro Wrestling and many more.

British Wrestling has returned with bang and the signs are all positive for the APPG Wrestling as they continue to fight for British wrestling in parliament and show the benefits of British wrestling can bring to British tourism and more.

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