British Wrestling Weekly News Letter 30/01-06/02

February 8, 2022

Lead Stories

NXT UK Champion Returns to Progress Wrestling

Current NXT UK Champion Cara Noir made his return to Progress Wrestling.

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Progress Wrestling Announce 2nd All Womens Thunderbastard Match

Progress have announced that they will be holding the 2nd ever female ThunderBastard Match 1 year on from the first one, at Chapter 129 I Choo Choo Choose You on the 20th of February at the Electric Ballroom London

Progress also announced that Dean Allmark, Charles Crowley, Session Moth Martina, Man Like Dereiss, Gene Munny, Spike Trivet and Danny Black have all been announced as in action for Chapter 129.

TNT Extreme Wrestling vs GCW Announced

TNT Extreme announced that they will be doing a joint promotion show “Supreme Extreme” later this year.

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Wrestle Carnival Announce Charles Crowley Will Be Part Of Their 16 Carat Gold Weekend

Charles Crowley is heading to wXw as part of Wrestle Carnival’s showcase during the 16 Carat Gold Tournament, where he will be defending his Carnival Championship, the show case takes place on the 5th of March at 12pm. Along with matches from Bodyslam Pro Wrestling from Denmark and APC Catch France.

Mariah May & Dan Maloney to star in ITV 2 Show/Deep Heat

Mariah May and Dan Maloney are set to star in an upcoming comedy series for ITV 2, Deep Heat

Deep Heat is a sports-based comedy by Max & Ivan. It also features Jahannah James, Richard Fleeshman, Pippa Haywood, Paul Olima, Alistair Petrie and more.

The sitcom series follows quick-witted, rebellious Holly, a frustrated wannabe wrestler facing the challenge of a lifetime. When all of Boss Pro’s top wrestlers are poached by her brother Nick Nitro, Holly’s mum, Pam is left devastated as it looks as though it’s game over for the North West’s oldest pro-wrestling company. But, if Holly can bring together Boss Pro’s remaining gang of misfits, the company might just survive…if only Pam would allow Holly to wrestle herself.

Gabriel Kidd/Terminus

Gabriel Kidd is set to be part of the 2nd Terminus show on the 24th of February in Atlanta,

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Top Show Picks For Upcoming Week

Friday the 11th

Purpose Wrestling – “Fix Up Look Sharp” – Merton Art Space Wimbledon

Hyan vs Skye Smitson

David Francisco, Safire Reed and Nino Bryant vs James Toner, Amira Blair and Solomon Lamb

North West Strong vs N.I.C

Jordan Breaks vs Nico Angelo

Man Like Dereiss vs Billy Haze

Connor Mills vs Brendan White

Saturday the 12th

Lancashire Wrestling Federation – Lancashire Riot – Chroley

The Models and Sinergy vs Merseyside Mercenary Squad and the Wrecking Crew

Lachlan Sharpe vs John Mickinnie – 2 out of 3 falls

Nick Kutter vs Sonner Durson vs Aiton Steen

Wildfire Nate Reese set to make open challenge

Bellateus will be in action

As will Franco Varga

Plus 15 women compete for the chance to become the Inaugural LWF Womens Champion

Lana Austin, Rhio, Lucy Sky, Gia Adams, Taonga, Stacy Rose, Lilly Winter, Jennie, Kelly Van Ness, Helenor Razor, Alexxis Falcon, Aurora Teves, KT Hawkins, Melanie Price

Triumph Pro Wrestling – Vol. 2 Cruise Control – North Romford

Warren Banks vs Corey McCrae vs Callum Newman -No. 1 Contenders Match

Bryant Brothers vs Evie Madden and Tommy Kyle

Jack Toreno vs Richie

Just Joe Lando vs TK Cooper

Danny Black vs Ashley Dunn (c) Triumph Pro Championship Match

United Wrestling UK – Day 4 Heart Beating – Oxford

Echo Reed vs Mariah May (c) Womens Championship Match

LA Taylor vs Charkara

Two Good Eggs (Rex Armstrong and JJ Lynch) vs the 87 (Alexander Roth and Roy Johnson)

Joe Lando vs CJ Carter

Sunest Skip vs Josh Nomax

Sunday the 13th

Jurassic Pro Wrestling – System Shutdown – Harwich

Rogan vs Dexter

Easy City Sovereigns (RJ Singh and Jordan Saeed) vs The Lads (Ben Jones and Alex Ecco)

Corey McRae vs Danny Black

Xander vs Tommy Kyle

Forest Haze vs Nick Payne

Apex Wrestling – Broken Hearts – Mylton Keynes

Mariah May vs Hannah Taylor

Kylo Reece vs Charles Crowley vs Danny Duggan

Power Project (Liam Hamlet & David Grant) vs The 666 Pack (Dave Lyon & Dread Callier)

CJ Carter Gauntlet match against the Administration

Kent Nelson vs Warren Banks

Further Round Up

Pro Wrestling East

Pro Wrestling East have announced that Will Kroos and Kelly Van Ness will be in action at their debut show “Out Of The Ashes” on the 19th of February in Cambridge,

in Fact Will Kroos will be part of their Championship tournament first round matches against Gene Munny.

The 2nd first round match for the mens Championship tournament will be Jordan Saeed vs Peter Nixon

The first two first round matches for the women’s championship tournament have also been announced Kelly Van Ness vs Mariah May and Lana Austin vs Charlie Morgan

Final 3 matches rounding out the card are;

Mad Kurt vs Oli Peace

Hustle Malone vs Roy Johnson

Everett Connors and Nightshade vs Rebel Kinney and Tarquin

Wrestle Island

The Island has announced a triple threat match up for their La Isla De Papel, 20th of February in Birkenhead

Lance Revera who earned a title shot last show will take on the guy who came up just short last show and wants to get to the top again Kameron Solas plus the debuting Aliss Ink who wants to make an impact.

Wrestle Carnival

Wrestle Carnival have announced the full line up for their upcoming Thursday Night Carnival on the 17th of February

Charles Crowley vs RJ Singh

Man Like Dereiss vs Brady Phillips

Jetta vs Rhio

Jospeh Conners vs Powerhouse Blake vs Lee Hunter vs Sean Kustom

Jay Joshua vs Kelly Sixx

Plus Wrestle Carnival made their first talent announcement for Mardi Gras on the 26th of March, Ava Everett will be making her Carnival debut will she part of tournament to crown a number 1 contender.

Ignite Wrestling Pro

Ignite have announced that Danny Black will me making his debut against Forrest Haze, at “Encore” on the 6th of March in Borehamwood,

Plus the final match announcement for the show is Just Joe Lando vs Dexter

(Click For Interview with CJ Carter about Ignite Wrestling Pro)

Tidal Championship Wrestling

Tidal are back in action on the 20th of February with “Wipeout” at the Parish in Huddersfield so far announcing;

Will Kroos (c) vs Brady Philips vs HT Drake for the Tidal Heavyweight Championship

Sinergy vs Reece and Rogan

Dara Diablo vs Jet Martial

N’sereko vs Franco Varga

Modern Nomad Pro Wrestling

MNPW have announced that both Big Guns Joe and LK Mezinger are Local Shindy, after they were announced for their “Local Shindy Wrestling Company” show on the 26th of February in Cardiff.

Ambush Pro Wrestling

Ambush have announced Ava White vs Livii Grace as well as Spike Trviet vs Warren Banks for the Spring Loaded show on the 18th of February in Ely, Cambridge

Black Country Championship Wrestling

BCCW have announced their next show “Hail To The King” on the 18th of February, poster features Lucia Lee, Bishop, Luke Douglas, Luke Basham and RC Chaos who all look set to be part of the show,

Fight Nation Wrestling

FNW return with “Tsuyoi (su-yo-i (Strong)” on Thursday the 24th of February,

Mark Haskins will challenge Danny Black for the FNW Heavyweight Championship,

Vaughn Vertigo finally returns to FNW to face Man Like Dereiss Nico Angelo challenges Mad Kurt for his Z Force Championship,

The tag team titles will be on the line as champions Dead Sad Boys (Joshua Jay and Billy Haze) will defend against a newcomers the N.I.C (Charlie Carter and Osin Dealney)

Plus a possible show stealing match between Martin Kirby vs Luke Jacobs.

British Wrestling Revolution

BWR are back in action in on the 11th of March with “No Gods, No Masters” IV in Grimsby 4 huge matches have been announced so far including

Tu Byt (c) vs Scotty Rawk – 2 out of 3 falls for the Cruiserweight Championship

Leon Slater vs Tom Thelwell – Youth In Revolt Tournament

RKJ vs Joseph Conners

Gia Adams (c) vs Toanga – Womens Championship

Robbie X (c) vs Callum Newman – Heavyweight Championship

Reloaded Championship Wrestling Alliance

RCWA follow up their United PPV where Will Ospreay faced Paul Robinson, with “What Have We Done” on the 26th of February

CJ Carter defends his Elite 1 Championship for the first time against Maverick Mayhew

MOS vs Tim Lee

Cali Grey vs Darcy Stone

Ash Draven vs David Wreckham

Paul Robinson vs Kelly Sixx

Evan Lee Utd (c) vs The Lads – Tag team championship match

SWW Wrestling

SWW announced that Lizzy Evo will make her debut against the SWW Womens Champion LA Taylor with the title on the line that’s at Combat Vol, 4 in Gloucester on the 19th of February.

Reach Wrestling

Reach have announced that at their “Brawl In the Guildhall” show on the 26th of February, will feature a Battle Royal for the Reach Academy Championship,

Jordan Sparkes the current Academy champion will of course be part of the Battle Royal as will Toby Valentine, Lucky and Alexander Grey.

We’ll be speaking with Reach Co-Owner and current Heavyweight Champion Jason King about the Brawl in the Guildhall

Quick European News Stories

wXw Germany

Lu Fisto is set to make history as the first female competitor to enter the wXw Germany 16 Carat Cold Tournaments

Unfortunately Francesco Akira will not be competing in the tournament due to injury,

The former wXw Academy graduates will be competing for two places, Marik Anil, Dennis “Cash” Dulling, Hecktor Invictus, Tim Stubbing, Goldenboy Santos, Peter Tihanyi, James Runyan and Norman Harris were due to compete for the one remaining spot at Road to 16 Carat, but will now be competing for two spots,

They have been split into two groups,

Group A,

Anil Marik vs Dennis Dulling

Hektor Invictous vs Tim Stubing

Group B

Goldenboy Santos vs Norman Harras

James Runyan vs Peter Tihanyi

Road To 16 carat is on the 19th of February,

Three more matches have been announced for the show;

Baby Allison and Maggot vs Stephanie Maze and Fast Time Moodo

B33CA vs Ava Evertt

Oskar and Robert Driesker vs Rott and Flott

The Road to 16 Carat will be available to stream via wXw.Now on the 22nd in German and on the 23rd

Bodyslam Pro Wrestling

Bodyslam have announced a huge match up for their “Scandi Foundations” show on the 26th of February, as Senza Volto will face off with Carlos Zamora.

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