Brock Lesnar Likely UFC-Bound Once WWE Contract Expires

March 3, 2018

While Brock Lesnar’s status with WWE and UFC remain up in the air, those close to the situation feel that he could actually be UFC-bound once his WWE expires.

Dave Meltzer pointed in the latest issue of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Lesnar is a master at leveraging UFC and WWE against one another in contract negotiations but the fact that he was seen in a picture with UFC’s Dana White doesn’t really reveal his intentions one way or another.

The belief is that the photo of Lesnar & White wouldn’t have gotten out if it wasn’t being used as a bargaining chip or negotiations purposes, so it’s fairly obviously what the purpose was given the timing White posted it to social media. Three years ago there was a chance that Lesnar was going to leave WWE for UFC but he ended up signing for three additional years.

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