Bryan Danielson Says A Match With CM Punk In AEW Would Be Fun

November 28, 2021

On August 20th the world saw the return of CM Punk, as he made his debut for AEW. After almost 9 years ‘The Best In The World” stepped into the ring to declare he was back. On the night he returned, Punk would go on to challenge Darby Allin, who is one of the pillars of AEW, to a match at All Out.

Then just when we thought that the AEW roster couldn’t become more stacked, our own Cassidy Haynes reported that former WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan, once again going by his name Bryan Danielson, had signed with AEW.

Since their debuts, the two have continued to make a huge impact on the company. While speaking on the Casual Conversations podcast, Bryan Danielson made it clear that he cannot wait to work with CM Punk, whether it is as a tag team or against each other.

“Who better to team with than Punk. Although you know I always thought and said this even when I was in WWE. It felt to me like Punk and I were destined to do a WrestleMania match together and then it never happened. It felt like, man, it’s so perfect and it makes so much sense that we would have this WrestleMania match against each other, but it never happened.

Given the time of how long it’s been since we’ve been in a ring against each other or even as a tag-team, like now I feel like when we do it, it’ll be big and big in a different way.

That’s something I look forward to, I also like the idea of us battling each other over who the real ‘Best in the World’ is, I think that sounds like a lot of fun.”

Now that both men are once again working in AEW, The American Dragon is hopeful of rekindling his rivalry with CM Punk somewhere down the road.

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