Bryan Danielson Shows Appreciation For WWE Before AEW Grand Slam

September 21, 2021

Bryan Danielson definitely made a mark in the WWE. Regardless of him making his way to AEW, the memories that he made in the WWE will forever be talked about by wrestling fans.

One of the biggest dream matches is soon to happen in the form of Brayan Danielson And The AEW Champion Kenny Omega. Some thought we would never see this match at this point in time but it’s happening at AEW’s Grand Slam this Wednesday.

It seems that Danielson is grateful for the position he is currently in and has taken to social media to thank his previous employer the WWE.

Thank you to the many people behind the scenes. The crew in WWE is amazing, from the folks operating the cameras to those in catering. From the producers to talent relations. Thank you to the production team, who always put together such amazing packages, and are such an underappreciated part of the stories we tell. Thank you to everyone involved in creative: for accepting me into the group, for sharing with me the lessons you’ve learned, and for the fun times we had talking about wrestling and non-wrestling subjects alike. It’s a difficult job, writing and producing WWE television, and I’m consistently blown away by your ability to make a seamless production out of such chaos.

While it is uncertain what will come of the Omega Danielson match many fans are hyped, and expecting it to be a hard-hitting fast-paced match.

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