Buff Bagwell Wants to Have His First Death Match In 2022

February 7, 2022

Former WCW star Buff Bagwell, who is currently promoting his “Rebuilding Buff” one-man tour, says he wants to do a Death Match in 2022. 

Bagwell took to Twitter over the weekend and teased the possibility of competing in his first deathmatch.

“I think I want to do a death match in 2022… whose ready for Death Daddy? Yes, I was serious about doing a deathmatch in 2022! I have someone that is specifically handling any bookings to do with Deathmatches, reach out to [email protected] with any inquiries!

Some of the ‘boys’ are upset, but that’s fine I’ve never done anything for them, it’s about entertaining those behind the guardrail and bringing some new eyes to an old sport! I’m not interested in doing a deathmatch because I need the bookings, my calendar stays full with autograph signings and conventions. I could never put on a pair of tights again and it won’t hurt my financially, but I want to challenge myself and help out others. People like Sting, Piper, Flair and Lex did so much for me as a young kid in the business and even more later on in life, they gave so much to me and now I want to give to others, anyone upset about that has their own insecurities.”

52-year-old Bagwell hasn’t wrestled regularly for some time, as in 2020, he was hospitalized with multiple broken bones and a torn right groin muscle after a car crash. At the time, it was concluded the cause of the accident was that Bagwell was impaired by prescription medication. Since then, the WCW star has been involved in a second car accident and arrested under similar circumstances.

We will have to see if Bagwell can stay on the straight and narrow. We will also have to see if any promotion takes him up on his offer.

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