CM Punk And Colt Cabana Said to Have Zero Drama Backstage

September 13, 2021

Since returning to the wrestling world back on Rampage ‘The First Dance’, many questions have come up regarding Cm Punk’s Previous issues with former peers in the company. One of the major issues that were being mentioned was that of his past with former friend Colt Cabana.

After Punk had left the WWE he did an interview with Cabana on his Art Of Wrestling podcast which landed the two in hot water with the WWE. This interview led to the company taking both Punk and Cabana to court in which Punk said he would help Cabana pay for legal fees and reportedly didn’t stick to that. This led to a fallout between the two former friends.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer was asked whether any word about heat between Punk and Cabana in AEW. There is no heat and it’s not anticipated that there ever will be, because everyone maintains a professional atmosphere as they work together for the good of AEW.

“There’s nothing there [between CM Punk and Colt Cabana]. Look, there are a few people in that company who probably, I won’t say plenty of people, but there’s a few people in that company who probably, I mean they may have made up, but I know they’re not particularly fond of Punk for whatever reason. There haven’t been any incidences and there’s not gonna be. I mean it’s part of wrestling, there’s always going to be people who don’t get along with each other. I mean, in every locker room there are guys who have pasts and everything like that. I haven’t heard a word, and I don’t anticipate. Colt Cabana is a total pro and Punk’s a pro.”

It was noted During the episode that many wrestlers who have not seen eye to eye due to personal situations have co-existed regardless of their problems including Kurt Angle and Jeff Jarrett, and Edge And Matt Hardy. While Punk has just begun his tenure with the company we will have to see if he and Colt will work together again.

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