Could the Returning TJP Withstand the Wrath of Steve Maclin on BTI?

August 27, 2021

Could the Returning TJP Withstand the Wrath of Steve Maclin on BTI?

After delivering a low blow to score the victory over Petey Williams at Emergence, Steve Maclin looked to continue his path of destruction when he issued an open challenge in this week’s BTI exclusive match. But he may have gotten more than he bargained for when the call was answered by TJP who was making his return to IMPACT! When Maclin was unable to put him away, he sought out a steel a chair to put TJP out of action. But there to stop him was Maclin’s fierce rival, the unrelenting Petey Williams, who spiked Maclin with a Canadian Destroyer! However, as TJP came to, he made it very clear that he wasn’t grateful for Petey’s assistance and stormed to the back.

On another earth-shattering edition of Iceman’s Intel, George Iceman had information regarding last week’s mysterious attack on Juice Robinson. When his partner David Finlay discovered that he had been laid out backstage, he wasted no time in seeking out his revenge and was granted a match against Chris Bey. But while Finlay believes that the Bullet Club’s “Ultimate Finesser” was the one responsible for the attack, Iceman isn’t so sure! Stay tuned as the mystery continues to unravel.

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