Could There Be More Behind Team Taz’s Motto “We Build Assassins”?

November 20, 2020

Following the shocking end to November 18’s edition of AEW Dynamite, we’ve now learned that Will Hobbs is donning the orange and black.  One can’t help but wonder what finally led to Hobbs joining the likes of Brian Cage and Ricky Starks.  Regardless, Will Hobbs is #ALLFTW and something that really caught my eye was in the graphic.

“WE BUILD ASSASSINS” is a phrase that immediately got my brain to head into overdrive.  It made me wonder about what happened earlier in the show to Jon Moxley.  Seeing the AEW World Heavyweight Champion laid out–very few are capable of such violence.  I wondered, “Is this the start of an era where nobody is safe?”

    It’s no secret that Taz has been stewing with contempt for the top brass in AEW.  His clients have been getting overlooked despite their overwhelming records and they all have a chip on their shoulders.  The crew have hijacked moments of celebration and inflicted violence on anyone in their way to do so.  This was especially seen after Darby Allin overcame Cody Rhodes for the TNT Title at Full Gear.  Taz is invested in making sure his clients are given the respect they are due for being powerhouses in their division.

    Which brings us back to “WE BUILD ASSASSINS.”  Here is an idea I’ve been itching to share:  Team Taz have begun to execute hits on the top players in AEW.  At the behest of whom?  My immediate thought was Kenny Omega.  Initially, this seemed unlikely but it would fit in with the idea that Team Taz are taking control from those in power and throwing in their lot with someone who will elevate their status.  

“Why Kenny Omega?”  It is my belief that behind all this grandstanding and overconfidence Omega has been exuding recently, there is an incredibly insecure and desperate man.  He took advantage of the animosity that Team Taz are brimming with and directed that towards his upcoming opponent, Jon Moxley.  I will admit, a lot of this is based on hypotheticals but it would add an extra layer to Kenny Omega’s descent into madness and it blurs the lines between how factions operate and interact with each other in AEW.  Currently, Taz would coordinate with Omega but that won’t mean the services are exclusive.  Imagine the possibilities of a fully loaded hit squad running rampant in both the singles and tag team divisions.  This was brushed upon with the Butcher and the Blade but those were financially motivated.  Team Taz are motivated by one thing: give them the respect they deserve or else they’ll take it from your mangled body.

This could be the start to a season of violence that the AEW locker room has yet to see .  Taking down champions, number 1 contenders, future opponents or even someone who just happened to forget to pay their respects to a member.  The potential for violence is reaching a peak.  And although the current lineup doesn’t have the most bodies, they have 2 of the largest men on the roster.  Being caught between Brian Cage and Will Hobbs would be a nightmare for even the most deft of wrestlers.  Few can say they’ve even survived an encounter with one, imagine colliding with both of them.  Ricky Starks, in his own right, is a dangerous individual whose charm and confidence is enough to cause a wrestler to forget that he has gone to war with the top stars of the company.

Team Taz are full of incredibly dangerous and incredibly aggravated athletes ready to take down whoever is in their sights and could alter the power structure of All Elite Wrestling as we know it.


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