Danhausen Is Officially A Free Agent

January 1, 2022

Danhausen is now free to cause chaos.

Former Ring of Honor Star Danhausen is now officially a free agent. It had previously been revealed that Danhausen, along with many ROH’s Stars contracts would be expiring at the end of 2021. Well, today the very evil and very popular Danhausen confirmed his free agency when he took to twitter and posted a celebrating his freedom.

Danhausen posted a video showing him being freed from a gated yard, which is a parody of a lot of recent wrestling vignettes showing recently released talents being released from jail/prison.

Currently, Danhausen has been engaged in a twitter feud with AEW’s Austin and Colten Gunn, where he has dubbed the two “The Assboys.” We will have to see if this online beef carries over into a wrestling ring sometime in the near future.

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