Eddie Kingston Sends Message to Young Bucks

May 30, 2021

Eddie Kingston was recently interviewed on Busted Open Radio ahead of Double or Nothing. Kingston will be teaming with Jon Moxley as they take on the AEW Tag Team Champions, the Young Bucks.

Eddie Kingston had this to say about the Young Bucks:

“Young Bucks, I’m gonna f* you up. I’m gonna f* you up. Win or lose, me and Mox are gonna f* you up. I mean it. This is not fake. The injuries in my neck, the loss of feeling in my hands, the metal plate in my ankle, the future surgeries I’ll have to have on everything on my body. When I wake up every morning, I’m tight, sore, hurting, and I have to stretch for an hour and a half. This is not fake. We’re gonna f* you up.”

Kingston also spoke on his lack of respect toward The Elite:

“I believed in those three. I signed here because those three were here and they fucking sold out because it got too hard to run a company. No shit, you’re running a company. You’re gonna b* and cry about guys turning on you or guys calling you ‘office’ or saying ‘kayfabe’ when you walk in the room. That’s part of your fucking job, deal with it. Now you’re going to b* and moan and go with Don Callis and do what you’ve been fighting against for years. They looked into the abyss and they looked too long and became the monster they were looking at. I can’t respect that.”

Credit to Busted Open Radio and H/T to Fightful for the transcription.

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