Edwards & Callihan Unite, FinJuice Seek Vengeance on Bullet Club, Steelz & Evans Challenge for Knockouts Gold at Victory Road

September 10, 2021

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Three high-stakes tag team matches have been made official for Victory Road, streaming September 18th at 8pm ET on IMPACT Plus and YouTube for IMPACT Ultimate Insiders!

Do bitter enemies make better partners? Find out at Victory Road when Eddie Edwards and Sami Callihan team up against the unstoppable alliance of Moose and W. Morrissey! After Moose targeted Sami Callihan, it was perhaps his greatest rival, Eddie Edwards, who came to his aid. One week later, Callihan returned the favor as Edwards was on the receiving end of a two-on-one beatdown from IMPACT’s most powerful new duo. But despite their success, Edwards made it clear that he wanted nothing to do with Callihan moving forward. Things changed when Callihan came to the aid of Eddie’s wife, Alisha Edwards and the world witnessed the impossible – Eddie Edwards and Sami Callihan fighting alongside one another. Brace yourself for this star-studded tag team collision at Victory Road!

David Finlay and Juice Robinson take on Chris Bey and Hikuleo as the battle between FinJuice and the Bullet Club continues! During the singles rematch between David Finlay and Chris Bey on IMPACT!, Juice Robinson made his shocking return after being taken out of action by a mystery attacker. But his return was upstaged by the massive IMPACT debut of the Bullet Club’s Hikuleo. Will FinJuice successfully push back the invading Bullet Club or will Hikuleo’s destruction lead him and Chris Bey to a huge victory? One thing is for certain, these two teams will stop at nothing to gain the upper-hand in this epic war!

Since joining forces with Savannah Evans, Tasha Steelz has made it her goal to reclaim the Knockouts Tag Team Championships – by any means necessary. At Victory Road, she’ll have the chance to do just that when she and Savannah Evans challenge the reigning champions, Havok and Rosemary! After Tasha was defeated by Rosemary on IMPACT!, Evans distracted Decay, allowing her partner to escape the IMPACT Zone with the Knockouts gold in her possession. While they may not be the actual champions, could this mind game be enough to swing momentum in their favor when they battle Decay with the titles on the line?

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Article source: Impactwrestling.com

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