EXCLUSIVE: Chelsea Green: Effy Really Fucked That Title up for a Second

November 12, 2021

Our correspondent, Baltimore Jack, snagged an interview with Chelsea Green ahead of her upcoming match with Allie Katch at GCW’s Evil Deeds on November 12th. 

When Chelsea was asked about how debut and how it felt to get one over on the fans, Green said, “It was fucking easy. I mean I literally put a mask on and sat down.”

Back at GCW Fight Club, the ROH and Impact star Chelsea Green helped Matt Cardona defeat Effy to get back his Internet Championship. It seemed like Effy was going to beat Matt with his own finisher, Radio Silence, when someone, Green, appears in a jacket and a motorcycle helmet to then drag the referee to outside. Effy was then hit with two low blows and Radio Silence from the second-rope, leading to Cardona winning his title back. If Matt would’ve lost, it would’ve been the end of his GCW career. Effy quickly won the Internet Championship back at GCW Get Lost Alot. 

Chelsea was also asked about getting her fiancé’s Internet Championship back from Effy. Chelsea responded with the following, “Oh, I mean I knew Effy wasn’t gonna hold it for long. It was just a matter of time. I am even surprised that Effy was able to do that, but he pulled a quick one on Matt. It was very unfair. Brett [Lauderdale, GCW Owner] should not have allowed it, but we’ll let it go. It is back in the hands of the beholder, and that’s all that matters.” 

“Effy really fucked that title up for a second, but we got it back. It’s crystal clear, it’s beautiful. *chef’s kiss* Muah,” Green went on to add.

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