Finn Balor Isn’t Done With His Demon Gimmick

May 25, 2021

Former NXT Champion Finn Balor has had a tremendous run on NXT, but his main roster run in comparison left much to be desired. However, his Demon gimmick has proved to be successful as Balor would bring it out for special maches.

Balor has not used it since his match at WWE Super ShowDown 2019. Finn Balor recently spoke with Ryan Satin on Out of Character, where he talked about his Demon gimmick. Balor revealed that while he is focused on being The Prince right now, he is not done with his Demon gimmick just yet.

“That’s when we developed the dark side of the Balor character and Finn being the good side of the character. It was an evolution and I’m not really sure, looking back, if that’s how I wanted it to be handled or if it got too far from where it was or if it made it better, I don’t really know. In ten years’ time, looking back, I might go ‘we did it right’ or ‘we messed it up,’ I don’t know yet. There’s still some life left in the Demon character, but right now I’m happy being the Prince and I feel like this is my most true self in my WWE tenure.”

Balor will challenge Karrion Kross for the NXT Title on tonight’s episode of WWE NXT. We will have to see if he will win the title or not.

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