Fusion ALPHA Recap: Philly Street Fight For Tag Titles; NZO Debuts

December 11, 2021

Cesar Duran starts off MLW Fusion ALPHA (presented by www.newlawoffice.com) ready for a “Super Lucha” but not any nomal bout: the winner gets a case of Cesar Duan’s cold hard cash. First to enter is Arez who looks to be in allegience with Hollidead and Doctor Dax!

Winner receives a briefcase of Cesar Duran’s money

Arez (with Holidead & Doctor Dax) vs. Aramis

Aramis won the initial bout, but the landscape is quite different with that briefcase ringside. Bell rings and both adversaries try to outmaneuver one another with their lucha styles. Aramis gets the first pin attempt.

Both men exchange Gory special attempts, but Aramis tries for a pin, but Arez gets him in a pendulum! Aramis turns the tables in a pendulum on his own!

The fighters have one another so well scouted that the counters are a-plenty. The King of Strange Style hits a running Razor’s Edge on the entryway!

Arez sends Aramis back in the ring for top rope double stomp. He doesn’t hook the leg and Aramis kicks out!

Aramis tried to go for a tornillo, but did not get all of it after Arez tried to rip the mask off him. Aramis ultimately makes him pay with a tope to the outside!

Back from break, Aramis looks to go for his burning hammer finisher, but Arez counters twice. Aramis gets dazed by an enzigiri briefly, but Arez catches him with a crisp kicks. Both men down one another!

Arex kips up and slaps, Aramis, who returns with a roundhouse. Arez returns with a kick and both men connect with a headbutt. Both are down once more.

Back up, Aramis hits his spinning burning hammer bomb and it looks to be over, but Arez kicks out just in time!

Aramis ascends but it allows Arez to bail. Aramis follows him on the apron and nails him with a modified Asai moonsault. Holidead grabs hold of the leg of Aramis, and Arez nails him with a modified Northern lights! Kick out at two!

Aramis gets Arez in a knee bar and Arez is in great peril. Both Dax and Holidead get on the apron. This distracts the ref and allows Arez to hit his leg trap driver for the 1-2-3!


Post-match, Arez inspects the briefcase as Dax sniffs out a coupe of bills.

Alicia is with an upset Willow Nightingale. She’s going to give Holidead the fight she wants and she’s going to show her Willow’s “dark side.”

Emilio Sparks approachs Myron Reed. He wants to know him where his head’s at? Myron is all kinds of motivated, but suddenly darkness falls and he hears the voice of Karlee Perez. She has some Tarot cards with her and reveals that The Young GOAT is going to hit rock bottom, and when she does, she’ll be there to pick him up.

Sparks was quick on the case to find World Champion Alex Hammerstone next and wanted to get an update on his leg and knee after War Chamber. Suddenly Matanza comes out of nowhere to attack the champ as the feed cuts! Once feed gets restored, we see Matanza brawling with Hammer by a loading dock before the feed cuts once more.

Konnan says that he’s the calm before the 5150 storm! They have no option to fail tonight. They’re going home champions! Those belts stand for everything they never had growing up. You’re damn right they’re jumping the line. Rivera says they’re sending Los Parks to dance on the corner like the “ho’s you are.”

We have a new episode of MLW Embedded and Alicia Atout has an update on the status of CONTRA. She cites Cesar Duran as the man culprit of CONTRA’s fall utilizing manilpulation. As far as CONTRA members whereabouts, Mads Krugger was recently seen in the fighting pits of South Africa who swears vengeance against Fatu. Ikuro Kwon has renounced the group and has now been seen in Japan training with the new World Middleweight Champion Tajiri. As far as Fatu, the former World Champion is AWOL. Interestingly enough, Josef Samael has vanished before War Chamber even went down and some suspect that has been intentional!

We see Matanza and Hammerstone brawling backstage. Thankfully, security shows up to separate both men from their violence! What a powder keg!

Next up, is the long-awaited MLW debut of NZO!

“Mad Dogg” Matt Cross vs. NZO

Philadelphia is quite polarized as the “Real 1” takes his time walking to the ring. Joe Dombrowski notes that NZO has put in double the training at his gym in New Jersey and he sure looks like it.

“How You Doin’” chants break out as NZO sits in the corner, studying Cross. The two men grapple one another. NZO shoulder tackles Matt down before hitting two sharp headlock takedowns. NZO grapples with Cross further, but Matt makes it to the ropes.

NZO catches Cross with another shoulder tackle but Cross nails him with a dropkick. Cross hits a leaping cross body for a two count. NZO trips Matt harshly into the turnbuckle.

NZO has Matt grounded with a headlock, and when Matt manages to climb up top, NZO trips him up. NZO works the leg of Matt. NZO nails a floatover suplex for a two count. NZO delivers some harsh elbows to Matt in the corner. He then catapults chokes Cross off the bottom rope. NZO tries to yank Cross out of the corner, but Cross amazingly lands on his feet!

Up top, Cross hits a double stomp to the back of NZO and gets a very, very near fall! Cross goes up once more after stepping over NZO’s chest, but NZO hits him in the back. NZO nails a Razor’s Edge. And then hits a back Codebreaker in the opposite corner. Two count.

NZO leaps off top and it’s Cross who catchees him with a pump kick for a two count!

Cross analyzes the situation and climbs up top again, but NZO catches him at the pass. NZO aims for a superplex, but Matt headbutts him down. Cross goes for a shooting star press, but NZO moves and Cross lands on his feet! He hits NZO with a cutter and mocks NZO before pinning: 1-2-no! NZO is busted open!

NZO grabs hold of the ring apron as Matt drags him back into the ring. The ref pulls it free but as he does he cheap shots Matt and hits his Done-ZO finisher for the 1-2-3!


Post-match, KC Navarro heads down to the ring for commentary and shows his distaste for NZO’s actions. As Navarrao heads towards Joe Dombroski and Rich Bocchini, NZO hits KC from behind. He shoves him into the barricade before dragging him towards the entryway and setting him up for a Razor’s Edge against the ring post! The medical team rush to ringside to check on Navarro!

We see Rich standing with Alicia Atout. He knows Canadians don’t celebrate Christmas (eye roll), but he does have a gift for the reporter: A Dynastic Coffee Mug.

She is less than impressed, but suddenly, Hammerstone and Matanza fight into Rich’s periphials! Hammer grabs hold of the mug and smashes Matanza with it. That’s good enough to daze Duran’s “blood brother” and it allows Hammer to wrap his fist in a chain and beat him down with it. Holliday notes to Hammerstone that he paid a lot for that mug but Alex indicates to him the recent situation he just solved.

An update on KC Navarro: he’s being rushed to a Philadelphia hospital.

Emilio Sparks tries to get the scoop on what Holidead and her group will be spending with their winnings from Duran. Holidead notes she does need a new knife in her collection. Suddenly, who comes ready for the street fight but 5150 and they can’t help but notice Emilio’s new kicks. Danny Rivera realizes they are in his size and goes to claim them as his own, but Konnan knows they have set of Tag Titles to win.

5150 is all ready to win those belts as they indicate such to the live crowd who seem to reside on the same street corner!

World Tag Team Championships
5150 vs. Los Parks (c) (LA Park Jr. & El Hijo de LA Park)

As customary, “Freebird Rules” apply with Los Parks and it’s LA Parks sons in competition tonight. Los Parks have held the championships for 300 days.

The bell sounds and the fight begins. Los Parks gets the better of it with dueling dives from El Hijo!

El Hijo makes Rivera pay with a sharp chair shot to the back and LA Park Jr. does he same to Slice Boogie! The brothers utilize a rake and a hockey stick on their foes.

Rivera however turns the tide with a kick to Ej Hijo from the apron and then a leaping cross body to LA Park Jr. on the outside!

Back from a break, El Hijo was chopping away at Slice Boogie, but the big man tosses him with a fallaway slam! Booige, however, really makes a power statement by leaping over the ropes and nailing LA Park Jr with a German suplex.

El Hijo and Boogie duke it out and it’s the former who takes the latter out with a leaping calf kick. He hits a destroyer, but Rivera makes the needed save!

Rivera is all sorts of fired up and he hits a Spanish Fly!

As this goes on however, LA Park Jr. slides under the ring to allow LA Park to appear! The father rushes in to spear Rivera! LA Park crawls back under the ring, but Homicide runs down to pull him back out! They along with Dr. Julius Smokes brawl to the back!

Slice Boogie is left alone and is smacked with a powerbomb backstabber! Rivera rushes in to hit a Van Daminator – complete with steel chair!

El Hijo hits another sunset bomb on Rivera and gets a near fall. “We want tables” chants occur as El Hijo presents a ringboard! HE places Rivera on it, but Boogie spears El Hijo through. Rivera and Boogie hit their 456 Headcrack finisher on LA Park Jr. and 5150 are the new champions!

WINNERS and NEW MLW World Tag Team Champions: 5150

It’s been a long time coming since Konnan has represented World Tag Team Champions but he finds himself there once more thanks to Slice Boogie and Danny Rivera.

We cut to the parking lot to see Alex Kane pull up with Mr. Thomas. As press tries to get word with Kane, in comes Calvin Tankman who just slugs Mr. Thomas. Thomas falls back into the car and Kane quickly drives off!

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