Identity Of Bret Hart’s Attacker Revealed

April 7, 2019
Earlier tonight during the WWE Hall of Fame. Two Time WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart and his Niece Nattie Neidhard were attacked in the ring in the middle of their acceptance speech.

The attacker was arrested after being beat up a bit by some of the roster during the altercation. CBS Sports has reported the name of the attacker as Zachery Madsen. An MMA fighter with a record of 2-1 has the same name and from the same town as well. Meaning that they are one in the same.

After some searching Bodyslam found his Twitter account and below are some of the disturbing tweets he had sent in the past.

From the looks of it, this person needs some sort of help. It seems as though he doesn’t use Twitter like the majority of the users. These are frightening messages and I am glad that this was the worst thing that had happened.
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