Jake “The Snake” Roberts Doesn’t Mind Other Wrestlers Using DDT As A False Finish

January 9, 2022

Jake “The Snake”Roberts is a legend in the ring. His battles inside and outside of the ring have been well-documented, and now we will get to learn an even more personal side of the WWE Hall Of Famer.

Along with fellow Hall Of Famer DDP, Roberts has now entered the podcast universe with a new show titled DDP Snake Pit, which is a part of the Conrad Thompson’s network of podcasts.

During the first episode, Jake Roberts discussed how he came up with the DDT as a finishing move. He also shared how wrestlers now use it as a transitional move or a false finish. He also revealed why he doesn’t mind other wrestlers using the DDT as their false finish.

People often ask me, ‘Well Jake, don’t you get mad at these guys who are using the DDT now for a false finish?’ and I’m like, ‘no, I think it’s great because all they’re telling the people is they’re not half as good as I am, because if I did it, you’re didn’t get your a– back up.

Roberts continues to work with AEW and has overcome bouts of addiction. He credits DDP for helping him get sober, as seen in the 2015 documentary “The Resurrection Of Jake The Snake“.

Below is the debut episode of DDP Snake Pit.

(h/t To Ringsidenews for the quotes.)

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