Jim Cornette Calls Hangman Page vs Bryan Danielson The Best Championship Match In AEW History

December 20, 2021

Last Wednesday on AEW’s Winter is Coming special episode of Dynamite, fans were treated to an exciting opening match between Adam “Hangman” Page and Bryan Danielson.

The two competitors left everything they had in the ring, as they wrestled to a 60 minute time limit draw. The match received great reviews from fans, as well as wrestling journalists. But now a big voice in the wrestling business is giving his opinion of the match.

While Speaking on his Jim Cornette Experience podcast, the legendary manager discussed the bout and says he firmly believes the match came from the mind of Bryan Danielson.

“I got to admit, starting off at the top I’m like well what are they going to do here? I didn’t think that anybody could do an hour with Adam Page at this point in his career and it would be good. But son of a gun they did it.”

“[…] So they did it, and it was perfect. Obviously, this was a Bryan Danielson production. I’m sure that Page had every bit of input and they sat down and talked about it. Danielson would have been receptive and easy to work with, but he was the director of this major motion picture. I can’t see how anybody could argue with that when you have a guy who wrestled for 20 years all over the world against every major talent in every major style. And there’s young Adam Page who is a fiery babyface and in ROH and the independents 3 years ago.”

“Bryan Danielson ran this, but it was the best match that Adam Page has ever had by far. It takes 2, you have to have a leader in the dance routine.”

Cornette would then go on to explain how he is enjoying Danielson’s heel run and compared him to British wrestling stars of the past.

[…]This was wrestling. Bryan Danielson was forced to retire due to concussions, but he was able to put together something like this. I’m not talking about athletically I’m talking about mentally, the brainpower. Now we know why he wanted to come back and he wanted to wrestle.”

“This guy doesn’t have brain damage that will hinder him, just as long as he is careful in the ring. But he is a smartass heel like in World Of Sport where he is a technical wrestler but a bit of a pr*ck, a bellend, a wanker if you will. He does the little things to get heat, he’s smirky and he leans out of the ropes for the rope breaks. He’s doing the jumping jacks and mocking the crowd, and Paul Turner, the referee, had a chance to actually referee.”

“You could see in AEW that this was a sporting contest with a legitimate official, imagine that. I wish JR would have been there to call this one, it would have brought the old JR out. Page sold it well and nothing was rushed, it was different to nearly every AEW match, which was a positive thing here.”

Cornette would then finish by saying, he believes that the match is the best AEW Title match that has happened in the near-three-year history of the company. He also adds that he wants to see Hangman Adam Page in more matches such as this, and fewer Stadium Stampedes.

“[…] What a f*cking match! That’s the best AEW Championship match that they have had right? Danielson is trying to prove a point and I’m sure he has read Flair’s comments, but this is what he came to AEW to do.”

“He came to be the best wrestler and prove a point to do what he enjoys after he was forced to retire and all that sh*t he went through. […] Every time I see what [Page] can do, I’m p*ssed off that I haven’t seen it before. That great interview where it sounded like he had balls only 2 years into the company.”

“He was in that football f*ckery match, he was hanging around with The Dark Order and palling around on his lawnmower. Finally he can do this, who could have known? If Page had been concentrated on as a single from the start and wrestle some kind of experienced opponent, imagine how far along he would be right now instead of working with all this indie-riffic horse show sh*t.”

You can listen to the entire episode of Jim Cornette’s podcast where he talks about the AEW World Title Match from Winter is Coming below.

You can check out the AEW World Title Match between Hangman Page and Bryan Danielson below.

(h/t to ITRWrestling for transcriptions.)

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