Jim Cornette Gives His Opinion On Why AEW’s Viewership Numbers Are Declining

December 6, 2021

Jim Cornette has previously given his opinion on AEW, on both good and bad aspects of the company and how they have booked angles and certain talents.

In recent weeks AEW has seen a slight decline in its viewership numbers and now Cornette is giving his opinion on the situation and why he thinks the numbers are coming out the way they are.

While speaking on his podcast Jim Cornette Experience, Jim Cornette explained why AEW’s ratings are continuing to decline lately. In his opinion it is ultimately due to the fact that the company has all their top stars appear on television every single week, which diminishes their overall freshness.

“People always ask me on Twitter, “Cornette, ratings have gone down even with your boys, Punk and Danielson on the show.” I mean, I already said earlier that they are making them less special now. Over the last 4-5 weeks they have down again from 1.2 million to 800 thousand. They put themselves in a position where once something works for them, whether it is somebody on TV or whatever, they hotshot a couple more weeks, and then they take away the freshness and go back to 800k. I have been saying this for months, it is a pattern. New talent, big name, hotshot deal, 1.2 million, and then they drop back again because you cannot hotshot every week and have a surprise debut every week. And if they had held back, hold it back so CM Punk only wrestled only once in three weeks. You won’t be happy hearing a Punk promo? No! Instead, they use it up, and they are back where they started from. And then they bring in the next one, and ratings are back up because it is not the matches, it is the debuts that are usually brand new in the company,

Tony Kahan has previously given props to Cornette and cited him as one of his influences in the wrestling business. Though its numbers have been slightly declining AEW has continued putting out an exciting product so we will have to wait and see how AEW will combat the decline.

Below is the full episode of the Jim Cornette Experience.

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