Johnny Gargano Says He Felt Complete And Accomplished All He Could Before Leaving NXT

December 22, 2021

Back On December 10, Johnny Gargano officially ended his run with WWE after his contract expired. Now, it looks as if Gargano may have made the decision some time ago that he would be leaving the company once his contract ran up.

During a recent interview with Gregory Iron on the Iron -on wrestling podcast, Gargano details how he is feeling after exiting NXT.

I wanna give people a break from me, but also give me a break from wrestling to where I can kinda refresh and kinda view things outside the bubble for a bit and see what the landscape is like. Take it all in and do things I wasn’t able to do before, try things out, and yea that where my head is at now, and it’s an exciting thing for me, to be able to do what I want now. Work with people I wanna work with or other brands I wanna work with that I haven’t gotten a chance to before.

Gargano was then asked if he felt that he did all he could do at NXT as far as accomplishments. He would also state that he decided a year ago that he would be taking time off.

I definitely felt complete. I felt very complete for the past year. This wasn’t a decision that came out of nowhere, this was a decision I decided on a year ago. Luckily it worked out to where me and Candice are having a baby. I was on the fence but the baby really finalized the decision of what I wanted to do and how I wanted to take this time.

Gargano was with NXT for six years before his contract ran up. We will have to see what is next for Johhny Wrestling.

Below is the full interview with Johnny Gargano.

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