Lacey Evans attacked Raw and SmackDown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch

April 8, 2019

Even by the standards of champions, Becky Lynch has it pretty good these days.

She has a historic main event win at WrestleMania, two titles on her shoulders, a catchy theme song and even a new rival. The Man had just finished her victory lap (complete with an open offer of a rematch to Ronda Rousey) when she ran afoul of Lacey Evans, who has made a show of strutting up and down the entrance ramp in recent weeks. This time, however, The Lady of WWE made her move, blasting Lynch in the jaw with the Woman’s Right. The fist briefly staggering the champion, but wasn’t enough to drop her, instead instigating a brawl up the ramp that ended with Lynch getting the upper hand by ensnaring Evans in the Dis-arm-her. And for all The Irish Lass Kicker’s accomplishments over the last few days, she may have inspired Evans to follow one very specific lesson of her main-event journey: To be The Man, you have to beat The Man.
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