MJF On What’s Next After Stadium Stampede, Finding Chemistry with the Pinnacle Members

May 30, 2021

MJF was recently interviewed by PWInsider ahead of the match between the Pinnacle and The Inner Circle taking place Sunday Night at Double or Nothing.

MJF spoke regarding how he found chemistry with other members of the Pinnacle :

“It’s honestly been a breeze, man, because we all love pro wrestling and moreover, we all love old-school professional wrestling, and what’s old is new. Everybody else wants to go out there and perform, in my opinion, not professional wrestling, but ballet. And pro wrestling, I’m sure you’ve heard this a million times … pro wrestling is not ballet. Pro wrestling is physical. Pro wrestling is intense. Pro wrestling is damaging. And I like that. I like … not only in the ring, but I like grabbing a microphone and being real. I’m real in the ring. I’m real on the mic. So is Dax. So is Cash … So is Tully, and so is Wardlow. And that’s why we all get along. It’s because we take this very, very seriously, and we’re all very passionate. And that’s why we can call ourselves ‘Pinnacle’ in this group session because you can’t take your eyes off of us.”

MJF also commented on what is next following Stadium Stampede at Double or Nothing:

“Like I said, it’s gotten very frustrating for me. The fact of the matter is, I should be champion right now, Dictator Jon cheated. He used an illegal maneuver that he was not meant to be allowed to use in the matchup. The referee didn’t see it, and I lost a match that should have been seen and I should have been given the championship. Now, after that happened, I have gotten tied up ever since then with Chris Jericho and his gang of misfits. I should be a world champion right now, and when I am done with Chris Jericho and his misfits, as long as people stop pestering me and allow me to get into my legacy and what I was born to do, I will be the AEW World champion. And I will have a reign that will make the likes of Bruno Sammartino blush.”

MJF lastly commented on the strong reactions to stuff like Dinner Debonair and Blood & Guts:

“I love it. I feel like I’m just an agent of chaos, at this point. I’m one of the most polarizing, if not the most polarizing thing, in not just professional wrestling, but all of the media. And I love that. I was despised when I flipped off that snot-nose Brad at a signing. I was on TMZ. I was despised after I cut the promo behind the podium on Jon Moxley. I was despised after Dinner Debonair. I was despised after Blood & Guts, and I’m going to continue to be despised, and people are going to continue to have split opinions about me. And the reason that I’m happy about that is because no matter what I do, people have to talk about me, and they can’t help it. I’m the most talked about guy in this business right now, and that’s pretty crazy, considering the fact that I’m in a company that’s not even two years old yet and I think that’s the power of me, as a performer, that I am able to bring such a massive spotlight to All Elite Wrestling. Honestly, I feed off of it. I love it. But the one thing, no matter what happens weekend and week out on Dynamite, that I am so glad has stopped, is the comparisons. I have almost not seen any comparisons since I debuted. When I debuted, I was compared to EC3 and Miz. And again, that’s not a dig, but that’s not a knock, which is why it sounds so interesting. I think both of those guys are tremendous performers, but now, nobody’s comparing me anymore because I’m impossible to compare. How do you compare perfection? It’s impossible, and it’s cool to see now, even though these people hate me and they do after. After they’re done burying me as a human being, they can’t help but put over the fact that I am the top villain right now in professional wrestling, and I’m damn proud of it.”

Credit to PWInsider and H/T to 411Mania for the transcription.

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