MJF Says WWE Will Do Whatever It Takes To Get Him To Jump Ship

March 2, 2022

MJF is regarded by many as one of the best heels in recent history. He is the guy that fans love to hate, and he knows it. MJF has already stated numerous times that once his contract is done with AEW in 2024 that he would be willing to listen to offers from WWE.

During a recent interview with Freddie Prinze Jr on iHeart Radio’s Wrestling With Freddie, MJF discussed the bidding war that he expects in 2024.

“I’m sure by the time 2024 rolls around, you will see people that were working in AEW, already now potentially making the jump to WWE, but what you won’t see is the amount of money being thrown. When I tell you, I know for a fact that when 2024 rolls around, we’re talking millions of dollars here. Whoever owns WWE by then, we don’t know, is going to be willing to pay Maxwell Jacob Friedman, while Tony Khan, good friend of mine, love TK, is also going to be offering me a butt-ton of money. I love AEW, it’s a great place, but like I said, I love money. That’s all this is. This ain’t friend business, it’s show business and it’s business with a capital B and that’s all that matters to Max. Once I’ve done everything I can in the squared circle, that’s when I move on to my next venture. I’m excited for all these chapters in my book. I’m also excited for people to look back and listen to this podcast and go, ‘this kid called his shot like Babe Ruth.’ You’re damn right I did, and I had fun doing it. I’m 25 right now, I’m a baby. When I’m 35, I’m still going to be a baby. I’m still going to be young as shit. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and John Cena did not exit the pro wrestling landscape until their mid-30s and they are not the titans they are in Hollywood until their mid to late 30s. I love wrestling, it’s great, I’m going to continue to be the top name in the industry, I already am, I’m already referred to as the top heel, which I despise, in pro wrestling and I’m a baby,” 

MJF made it a fact to state that on January 1st, 2024 his current AEW contract is up. He then went on to explain what it would mean for WWE to acquire him.

“Yes, and I’ll tell you why, WWE is going to be willing to do whatever it takes to get me to jump ship because to have me, is to pretty much take a sniper rifle and shoot the heart of All Elite Wrestling. I’m the glue. Everybody around me hates my guts. Everybody wants to punch me in the face. I am the top-tier guy that everybody has a problem with. When you take your biggest antagonist, even though, personally, I feel I’m the protagonist, I’m salt of the earth, but when you take your biggest antagonist and you take them away, what do you have? What is the Batman without Joker? There is no success without having the thorn in your side. I have no problem being that thorn because it makes me a shit ton of money. I do believe these people are going to be willing to shell out a lot of cash for me because not only am I one of the greatest talkers, not only am I one of the greatest professional wrestlers this sport has to offer, I’m someone, like Piper, that is able to make people feel something. It’s a lost art in my industry. I don’t know where it went away. At some point, people started caring more about the moves than the emotions. I’m not that guy. I’m that guy that makes people tune in, and I’m going to grab them by the face. That’s why I’m irreplaceable.”

MJF is heading into one of the biggest matches of his career this weekend when he will be taking on CM Punk in a dog collar match at Revolution.

Below you can hear Freddie Prince Jr’s full interview with MJF.

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