More WWE Releases Reportedly Coming

June 10, 2021

Since April, WWE has been cleaning house. The company has announced the release of more than 16 Superstars, and a lot of cuts backstage including former Senior Vice President Brian Pellegatto.

There have been rumors that WWE is potentially gearing up to sell the company, but one thing that’s for sure there are a lot of changes underway within Titan. WWE recently folded numerous departments backstage into one, which is said to be overseen by Kevin Dunn. But, it sounds like the company isn’t finished with their releases, as more are reportedly coming.

According to Andrew Zarian via the Mat Men Pro Wrestling podcast, there are more releases coming. Zarian reported that he has been told that WWE is not finished with their Superstar releases. He said he doesn’t know when they are coming, but that he was told this isn’t the final cut.

“I do know that they want to cut back on these contracts and there are more releases. There will be more. I don’t know when, but I was told, ‘yeah this isn’t the final cut.’ So, we’ll see.”

You can listen to the entire episode of the Mat Men Wrestling Podcast with Andrew Zarian below.

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