NXT 2.0 Might Become A TV-14 Show

November 16, 2021

It was recently reported that Vince McMahon encouraged the idea of NXT 2.0 being targeted for a younger audience in the 18-34 demographic. we reported that Vince had thrown out ideas for a more mature and edgier product for the revamped brand, and it was reported that USA Network execs, were on board with the idea but unfortunately it looks like it hasn’t been working on drawing more viewers as the ratings for the show continue to drop.

Well, it looks like a change may be coming to NXT 2.0  WrestleVotes is reporting that when the NXT 2.0 concept was an idea being discussed, there was talk that the rating would shift from TV-PG to TV-14, but that still has not happened yet. Word now is that the move to TV-14 is still very much on the table, and the USA Network is not opposed to the change. It remains to be seen if and when WWE will make the change, but it is on the table.

“Within the origins of this NXT 2.0 concept was an idea that the program’s rating would shift from TV-PG to TV-14. Source confirms that’s still very much on the table and USA Network is not opposed. If / when WWE decides to make the change is TBD.”

We will have to see what WWE decides to do with the NXT 2.0 brand.

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