NXT Champion Bron Breakker goes head-to-head with Joe Gacy in personal showdown

April 19, 2022

Joe Gacy has made his issues with NXT Champion Bron Breakker extremely personal.

The depraved Gacy stunned the NXT Universe when he interrupted Breakker’s title defense celebration to reveal that he had captured and locked up his father Rick Steiner. Luckily, the WWE Hall of Famer was let go, but Gacy kept his Hall of Fame ring as a souvenir, taunting Breakker by saying a family can only be tested through fire before dropping the ring into a fire pit.

The NXT Champion nearly tore apart the NXT Arena in search of Gacy before finally confronting his tormentor. Gacy offered the ring without complaints, only asking for an opportunity at Breakker’s NXT Championship at NXT Spring Breakin’ in return, an opportunity Breakker was more than willing to agree to following the recent events.

But the devious Gacy was not done with Breakker just yet, stating he needed to “take a leap of faith” before pushing him off a balcony and having him surrounded by hooded disciples.

Can Breakker overcome all of Gacy’s mind games to hold on to his NXT Championship?

Find out at NXT Spring Breakin’ Tuesday, May 3, at 8/7 C on USA!

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