NXT UK Champion Returns To Progress Wrestling

February 6, 2022

Progress wrestling were in Manchester earlier today for their 2nd live show in front of fans, with Chapter 129 I Cho Cho Choose you, where Cara Noir defended the Progress World Championship against veteran superstar Dean Allmark.

Following the match after Cara Noir had successfully retained the title, the lights went out during Cara’s celebration, when the lights came back on, standing behind Cara Noir, was the NXT UK Champion Ilja Dragunov.

Ilja was then standing nose to nose with Cara Noir after telling him that he had not forgotten about him, he referenced the journey he had to take on route to defeating Walter and becoming NXT UK Champion.

Because of that journey, Ilja knew that he had to come back to Progress for Cara because what they had created in the ring previously was beautiful but also because Cara came out victorious in their rivalry in Progress Wrestling .

Ilja and Noir had a storied rivalry over three matches in Progress that started at Chapter 96 “True Friends Stab You In The Front”, followed by Chapter 97 “Sex Robots Will Eventually Be Capable Of Murder”, culminating in a 2 out of three falls match up at Progress 99 “With A Flake, Please”.

Following the rivalry Cara Noir would go on to win the Progress World Championship and Ilja Dragunov would go on to debut with NXT UK leading to him eventually become NXT UK champion.

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Progress Wrestling’s Chapter 129 I Cho Cho Choose You will be available to stream on the Peacock Steaming Service in the US and WWE Network as well as being made available on Demand Progress worldwide.

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