Progress Champion Cara Noir Enters wXw 16 Carat Gold Tournament

December 29, 2021

wXw Germany’s biggest annual event and arguably the biggest annual wrestling event in Europe, the 16 Carat Gold returns on the 4th of March to the 6th of March with Progress World Champion Cara Noir becoming the latest entrant.

Announced yesterday evening via wXw Germany social media profiles;

Cara Noir enters the 16 Carat Cold Tournament as the defending champion so to speak after winning the previous tournament in 2019. Noir is currently the Progress world champion and has been seen defending the championship on the WWE Network, Cara Noir recently competed in a first time ever dream match against WWE superstar at wXw Germany’s 21st Anniversary show.

Noir is not the only recent entrant to 16 Carat Gold Tournament; with wXw Academy coach Robert Driesker, former wXw Unified World Champion Bobby Guns, AJPW TV champion Shigehiro Irie and first ever European AJPW Jr Heavyweight Champion Francesco Akira have all entered the tournament recently.

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They join ROH World Champion Jonathan Gresham, former Impact star Acey Romero, and Zero 1 World Champion Fuminori Abe previously announced. The wXw 16 Carat Gold Tournament will be available on wXw Germany’s streaming platform wXw Now and on delay via the Wwe Network.

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