Quinn McKay Has Another Shot At Women’s Tournament; Angelina Love, Mandy Leon Banned From Ringside For Each Other’s Matches

July 27, 2021


In the wake of Mandy Leon’s tainted victory over Quinn McKay, McKay is getting another opportunity to enter the ROH Women’s World Title Tournament, and The Allure’s Leon and Angelina Love will no longer be permitted at ringside for each other’s matches.

Whether McKay gets into the tournament will be determined by an online poll on The Experience Facebook page. ROH Board of Directors member Maria Kanellis-Bennett, who leads The Experience, made the blockbuster announcements regarding McKay and The Allure on ROH’s social media channels Monday night.

McKay’s chances of securing the 15th and final spot in the tournament are looking extremely good. At the time this article was published this morning, 94 percent of respondents voted for her to be in the tournament.

McKay had two previous opportunities to win her way into the tournament. In May, she lost to Love thanks to a distraction from Leon. On Ring of Honor Wrestling the weekend of July 17, McKay lost to Leon, who used brass knuckles that were passed to her by Love.

“Mandy and Angelina just can’t seem to do things the right way, and I’m tired of it,” Kanellis-Bennett said. “And I want this tournament to be honorable.”

Love and Leon took to Twitter to comment on Kanellis-Bennett’s rulings. Not surprisingly, they weren’t happy.

If McKay ends up being voted into the tournament, her opponent in the first round will be Leon.

The tournament kicks off with three first-round matches on this weekend’s episode of Ring of Honor Wrestling.


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