Reason Brock Lesnar vs. Kane Match Was So Short

March 4, 2018

As previously reported, Brock Lesnar’s match against Kane at the WWE Live Event in Chicago was a short one, lasting a little bit over 30 seconds.

Dave Melzter discussed the match on today’s installment of Wrestling Observer Radio and reported that the reason the match was so short is because it was a “company directive.”

“Brock worked a match in under a minute, which was a company directive but the fans were furious. They booed it and Lesnar got a giant babyface reaction. Even after that Roman Reigns thing, he got a giant babyface reaction when he came out against Kane. It was real quick action. Kane threw a few punches, Brock hit two German Suplexes, Kane got up and tried for the chokeslam, Brock blocked it and hit the F-5. 1-2-3, like I said less than a minute and not a good reaction to that at all. A lot of people real mad at Brock.”

Meltzer indicated that Brock could be saving his body if he’s going back to fighting for the UFC again and discussed how he did the same exact thing prior to the Mark Hunt fight at UFC 200.

“Is the idea that he’s saving his body because he’s going back to fighting? When he went back fighting for the Mark Hunt fight, he had the WrestleMania match with Dean Ambrose where he did’t do much of anything really. So, if he is going back he’s probably going to do less.”

Co-host Bryan Alvarez questioned why it was a company directive and why should WWE care how Brock’s body is if he’s leaving the company. Meltzer explained that the company knows Brock is probably leaving and it was there decision to have the match short [Kane vs. Lesnar], so it was short.

Meltzer also talked about how Brock drives a hard bargain and he will essentially make the call to do whatever he wants to do, indicating that if Brock doesn’t want to do something, he won’t.

“Brock drives a hard bargain. I know from the people in the UFC that you know — Just everything. You know with New Japan World, they had to take down all his matches. Whenever his name is used with anything like with UFC — Very, very protective of everything. He’s not the easiest guy to get a long with and they kind of have to do — he will not do or do whatever he wants, essentially.”

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