Ricky Starks says ” No One Can Touch ” Cinematic Sting Match

August 12, 2021

Rickey Starks came into AEW very unknown to most casual wrestling fans, But since has shined on the AEW roster aligning with Team Taz and becoming the FTW champion after beating former stablemate, Brian Cage.

One of the first big matches that Starks was involved in, in the company was a cinematic Street Fight match against Sting and Darby Allen vs Ricky Starks and then partner Brian Cage. The covid pandemic has forced most wrestling companies to turn to the cinematic match and Starks thinks their match has been the best by far.

In a recent interview with talkSPORT, Starks talked about the match calling it the best cinematic match ever.

That whole process was so awesome to see. Sting, while there’s some issues there in the past, I’ve come around to respect Sting. You can hear it first[laughs]. I do respect him. So to not only have the best cinematic match ever in wrestling but to also be in a ring and wrestle Sting is crazy. That’s just something i’d never thought ide say.

I know that we all went into it with the mindset that this is going to be the best cinematic matchup ever and so far no one else has been able to touch it . It still stands at the very top as the best cinematic match, Period. No one can tell me different.”

Sting is set to wrestle again next week on dynamite along with Darby Allen against 2.0. While Sting is in the latter of his career Ricky Starks has not even reached the peak , but if things keep going the way they go Sky is the limit for Starks.

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