Sami Callihan Not Sorry for Breaking Eddie Edwards’ Face

March 3, 2018

As seen on Impact Wrestling this week, Eddie Edwards suffered from a nasty baseball shot that resulted in broken bones to his face, nose and cuts that had to be glued shut. TMZ spoke with Edwards about the incident, which you can see below.


TMZ also caught up with with Sami Callihan and talk about the incident. Callihan says he doesn’t feel bad and he’s not sorry for what happened.

“I hit his man in the face with a baseball bat and in the last 24-hours I’ve been getting all this hate and all this negativity online. Impact says “yo, you have to go out of your way to make this right.” People are saying we crossed the line. So from the bottom of my heart I have to tell each and everyone of you that I’m not sorry for a single thing that has happened. Look at me and tell me that I’m not being serious. I do not feel bad. TMZ is messaging and interviewing Eddie Edwards when they should be interviewing me. The most dangerous man in professional wrestling today. Oh yeah, and Jim Cornette, you can kiss my ass too!”

Apparently Jim Cornette decided to go on one of his rants over the incident on Twitter. He sent out the following:

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