Sexy Star Claims She Started The WWE Women’s Revolution

April 14, 2019
Sexy Star recently spoke to The Roman Show, where she credited herself for something that happened in an entirely different company.

She said that when she won the Lucha Underground Title, it started the Women’s Revolution in WWE. She is definitely proud of her accomplishments in Lucha Underground since it was a major event in her career. She now seems open to provide help in something that she claims to have started.

“I personally think that yes. WWE took notice. I am proud that they gave me that opportunity as a woman, as a Mexican and as a warrior. I felt they (WWE) found out that that had a big buzz all over the world. I think it inspired them to act.”

“I would love to join WWE. I am open.”

“Can you imagine me versus Ronda Rousey in the WWE or the cage?”

Her comments have riled up fans. Even wrestlers commented on her remarks, including the likes of Tessa Blanchard and Paige.

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