Tag Team Championship Match Announced for Progress Chapter 130

February 24, 2022

The Smokin Aces’ Charlie Sterling and Nick Riley regained the tag team championships that were rightfully theirs at Chapter 128, when they defeated Lykos Gym who had previously stolen the championship belts at Chapter 127. After sitting out Chapter 129, the Smokin Aces have demanded a team that could step up challenge them at Chapter 130: Dodge Dip Duck Dive Duck

Progress management were only happy to oblige announcing that the Smoking Aces would have to defend their Tag Team Championships against the 0121, Dan Moloney and Man Like Dereiss on their social media platforms yesterday evening.

The Aces have held the belts for 166 days wince winning the championships from Lykos gym back at Chapter 121, they have successfully defended their championships on 5 occasions against the likes of the Greedy Souls, Sunshine Machine and the Kings Of The North.

The 0121 have had limited tag team matches since the Progress re-launch but have picked up a win against the Sunshine Machine as well as Lykos Gym in a six man tag, the mix of Maloney’s Power and Dereiss’ speed make them a threat to every tag team in Progress including the champions.

Progress also announced another tag team yesterday evening as the North West Strong team of Luke Jacobs and Chris Ridgeway take on the team of Charles Crowley and Elijah.

Elijah and Crowley are still looking for that big win as pair in Progress Wrestling, Ridgeway had to miss the last Chapter due to Injury so will be eager for his North West Strong team to pick up the win after defeats to Cara Noir and Jontahan Gresham in recent chapters.

Full Card as Announced so far

Title vs Title

(ROH World champion) Jonathan Gresham vs (Progress World Champion) Cara Noir

Tag Team Championship Match

Smokin Aces (c) vs The 0121

North West Strong vs Charles Crowley and Elijah

Trish Adora & Holidead vs Mercedez Blaze and Taonga

Danny Black, Callum Newman, Just Joe Lando and Maverick Mayhew vs Malik, Lykos Gym and Warren Banks

Kanji vs Rhio

Gene Munny vs Adam Maxted

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Progress’ Chapter 130: Dodge Dip Duck Dive Dodge is on the 20th of March at the home of Progress the Electric Ballroom in Camden, London, the show will be available to stream via the Peacock Streaming Service, WWE Network and Progress’ Demand Progress.

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