The Berserker John Nord Avoids Prison Sentence – Gets Probation

July 16, 2019

John Nord was brought up recently when there was a rumor that The Viking Raiders we’re going to be called The Berserkers. This is because when Nord wrestled for WWF, he was known as The Berserker. Some fans wondered why he wasn’t brought into the company during that time. The reason being is that John has had quite a run in with the law over the last decade.

Not only that but many local bars in the suburbs of Minneapolis have banned him from their establishments due to continually bouncing checks. I should know, I work at an establishment that had a couple checks bounce from Mr. Nord.

Local Minnesota paper The Star Tribune reported that Nord was recently sentenced to five years probation from an incident in March.

Right before Johnson was sentenced, Quam gave probation to a former professional wrestler, John Nord, who has been arrested seven times for driving under the influence of drugs — mostly painkillers.
Nord, 59, wrestled under the name the “Nord the Barbarian” in the heyday of Twin Cities wrestling.
In recent years, he has become a frequent abuser of painkillers to cope with the damage to his body and brain. He now uses a wheelchair and has ALS.
The prosecutor on his case argued that Quam should send Nord to prison for more than four years because he represents a significant public safety threat as he has continued to drive. Nord and his defense attorney, however, said he is in treatment and will be in assisted-living facilities for the rest of his life.
Quam said the sentencing decision was difficult. “Life has handed you a lot of special things,” he told Nord. “On the other hand, it’s taken away a lot of what makes you you.”
The judge put Nord on five years of probation under the condition he stay in restrictive housing and do “no driving whatsoever.”
He told Nord to come back to his courtroom in three months to give an update on how he’s faring. Quam said he wants to see him doing well.
Star Tribune

Hopefully John is finally on the right track and his treatment will do him well. It’s tough to see the way some wrestlers lives turn out, but there is always a chance for redemption.

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