This week in WWE GIFs: Brock Lesnar reads, Big E’s five-pancake classic and more

August 3, 2018

Tensions are on the rise in WWE as SummerSlam draws near, which means your favorite Raw, SmackDown and NXT Superstars are letting their emotions out. We found the best moments and reactions from the week in WWE and posted them to our GIPHY channel, and you can use these GIFs across social media, including platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, Whatsapp and more. Which GIF best expresses you?

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The Beast kicks back

The WWE Universe got a unique look at how Brock Lesnar relaxes Monday night on Raw. Content with simply being at the arena for Raw, the Universal Champion set up shop in his locker room with a few of his favorite magazines. When you’re ready to curl up with your favorite reading material, this GIF of Brock Lesnar is the best way to let the world know, too.


Constable down!

Baron Corbin took delight in Roman Reigns being escorted from the building during Raw, but he was caught off-guard when The Big Dog decked him on his way out. It makes for the perfect GIF to express when you’ve been surprised.


Worse than a cracked screen

Brock Lesnar could not have cared less about Paul Heyman’s notes of Roman Reigns’ insults, as evidenced by his introduction of his advocate’s phone to the wall. Ever come across a tweet you’re not a fan of? Unleash your inner rage with this reaction GIF.


A devilish grin

Despite the growing tension between him and his client, Paul Heyman was delighted to hear the foreboding strains of Brock Lesnar’s entrance music at the end of Monday’s Raw. The advocate couldn’t help but let this evil smirk take over his face. If you’re feeling a little wicked, Heyman has you covered.


A breakfast classic

Who knew Big E was a critic? The New Day’s resident powerhouse revealed on Tuesday that he even has his own rating guide. The barnburner between The Usos and The Bar on SmackDown LIVE earned five out of five pancakes, according to E. The next time a WWE match blows you away, be sure to use this GIF.


Orton unmasks Hardy

Randy Orton revealed his reasoning for attacking Jeff Hardy several weeks ago on SmackDown LIVE, but apparently that wasn’t enough. The Viper struck once again, this time forcibly removing the artistic paint designs from Hardy’s face. Orton claimed he erased The Enigma in a truly unsettling moment.


Not so fine

“The Finest” Kona Reeves found himself extremely frustrated on Wednesday night, unable to put away EC3 during their battle on NXT. Reeves let it all out in this brief mid-match outburst. Can’t believe the misfortune that’s befallen you? This GIF is the finest way to express it.


Never forget

Tommaso Ciampa is the NXT Champion, much to the chagrin of the NXT Universe. After months of deafening boos, The Blackheart doesn’t plan on letting NXT fans forget what he’s achieved, even if he has to remind them one by one.


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