Tons of Rare, Match-Used Wrestling Collectibles Now Available on IMPACT’s eBay Store

September 10, 2021

Click here to get yours!

The demand for rare, match-used wrestling collectibles is ever-growing — and IMPACT Wrestling continues to deliver. 

Case in point, the official, used Tag Ropes from Slammiversary this past July are now available on IMPACT’s official eBay Store:  Both ropes have the official IMPACT Hologram, to verify the item’s authenticity.  To bid, go to:

Another rare, high-demand collectible now available is an official, match-used Mic Flag from #IMPACTonAXSTV. To bid, go to: . 

Here are some of the other Cool Collectibles now available: 

Trading Card Set – All 13 cards from Series 1, All Autographed

D’Lo Brown Slammiversary-worn Vest & Tie, both autographed

Match-used Turnbuckle w/ Anthem Eagle

ALISHA EDWARDS Worn & Autographed Dress From Swinger’s Palace 

Decay Autographed Match-Used Canvas Swatch, signed by 3: Rosemary, Crazzy Steve & Black Taurus

Matt Cardona Match-Worn & Autographed Shirt

W. Morrissey Match-Worn & Autographed Shirt

Karl Anderson Match-Worn & Autographed Shirt

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