Tony D’Angelo and Santos Escobar will sit down to solve their differences

April 26, 2022

After crowning himself “The New Don of NXT,” Tony D’Angelo began to butt heads with one of the top longstanding factions of NXT: Legado del Fantasma.

Tensions have slowly reached a boiling point between the two “families” following a series of pre-meditated attacks. Before things go too far, D’Angelo invited the head of Legado del Fantasma, Santos Escobar, to a sit down meeting to try and resolve their issues man-to-man.

Will Escobar and D’Angelo find a way to squash their beef or is D’Angelo about to go to the mattresses with Legado del Fantasma? Tune in to NXT Spring Breakin’ Tuesday night at 8/7 C on USA to find out!

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